Monday, August 5, 2013

How to earn 612 USD Per Month on PTC sites?

1) Choose Carefully the sites You're Joining

The websites we are joining and investing time and effort in can make the difference between success and failure.
We all want to earn as much as possible from these websites and sometimes we get carried away and join dozens of websites only to find out that after a month or two we’ve worked for nothing and maybe lost money too.
That is why you should work only with websites that have been analyzed (see the ‘Scam PTC vs Trusted PTC’s post) and you know can be trusted.
This way you can avoid as much as possible the frustration I’ve mentioned above and earn some nice money.
Some of the trusted Sites You can see at the Bottom of this blog

2) Explaination

First of all get registered yourself on PTC sites (Regisiter minimum 5 sites for earn extra money). Now next step You need to open ads daily You can see 10 ads daily.
For Earning fast on PTC sites you could refer some people to that PTC site and when the member of that PTC site
clicks any ad you get $0.005 so this means your daily earning will go from$ 0.04 to $0.06 and suppose you have referred 6 referrals then your daily earning would be
Daily - 0.02 x 6 + 0.04  =  $0.16
Monthly -  0.16 x 30 =  $4.8

This is about only one ptc site what if you have joined around 4 of them ! Then your earning would go like this. Daily -  4(0.02 x 6 + 0.04) = $0.64
Monthly – 0.64 x 30 = $19.2

Hold on your breath this is about only 3 sites and 6 referrals on each what will happen
if you will join 10 sites and 100 referrals on each! It will go like this.
Daily – 10 (0.02*100 + 0.04) = $20.4
Monthly – 20.4 x 30 = $612

Isn't it amazing if we will earn $612 online sitting at home and spending only 12 minutes

each day on this work! It will be great.

3) The Most Important Step How To Get Your Money

First of all you need to open an account on Payza (  To Get your money.
When you reach at minimum balance on ptc sites. Then withdraw your money on payza account.
Next step When you get your money in payza or paypal account or want money in your hand then contact to anyexchanger you can search on google.I'm refering you this site here having honest team members

4) Trusted PTC Sites


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